Loyalty Program for Mama Manana Guests

Gifts with Your Orders

● Dear, with your first order, we gift you freshly baked puri and Sulguni cheese.
● With your second order, we gift you a mini-assortment of Georgian sweets.
● With your third order, we gift you a portion of khinkali with cheese or meat of your choice.
● With your fifth order, we gift you a choice of 'Khachapuri Adjarian' or 'Khachapuri Imeretian' or 'Kubdari with beef and pork'.
● With your seventh order, we gift you premium khachapuri of your choice: 'Khachapuri 4 Cheeses' or 'Khachapuri Megrelian' or 'Khachapuri Adjarian'.
● With your twelfth order, we gift you ANY dish from the Mama Manana menu.
● WOW, you've already placed more than 20 orders! With each subsequent one, you'll receive 3 khinkali with cheese or meat as a gift from me!

Birthday Gifts

On your birthday, we offer one Khachapuri of your choice with your order: 'Khachapuri Imeretian' or 'Khachapuri Megrelian' or 'Khachapuri Adjarian'.